Rev. Leonard A. Roberto

(Adult Sunday School)

Carol DiPardo (3-5 year olds)

9 : 4 5  S U N D A Y  M O R N I N G

Jean Witkowski (Grades 3-6)


Robin Roberto (Adult Ladies)


The children ages 3-5 are taught by Mrs. Carol DiPardo and their classroom is located in the children's room downstairs by the adult class.  Children ages 6-7 are taught by Mrs. Karen Benson. Children in grades 3-6 have Mrs. Jean Witkowski as a teacher. 


Mr. Paul Mest is currently teaching a Word of Life study "The Heart is Where it Starts".


Senior Pastor Leonard Roberto teaches the Adult Class.  The class is currently in a study of the book of Acts.

Mrs. Robin Roberto leads the Ladies Sunday School class.

The Class is currently in a study called "Life is Best" by Scott Klusendorf.  The study looks at the issue of abortion and the biblical and practical approach to it.


Karen Benson (6-7 year olds)